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Kutztown University Foundation Scholarships: Search and Application

The Kutztown University (KU) Foundation provides merit and need based scholarship support to students. Funds are donated by generous individuals who value education and seek to help students achieve their academic goals.

Below are scholarships provided by generous donors to the university through the Kutztown University Foundation. Kutztown University also offers merit-based institutional scholarships and all students are considered for these scholarships through the admissions process. 

While students must be accepted to Kutztown University to apply for scholarships, or be a current Kutztown University student, all are welcome to view our scholarship opportunities using the “Search Scholarships” button below.

Click below to complete your scholarship profile and any other scholarship application for KU scholarships, such as the Study Abroad application for Honors students.. The profile will be open from February 4 through March 22, 2024. The profile is for undergraduate students. The majority of scholarship are for continuing students but some limited scholarships are available for new students. Very few scholarships are available for graduate students. Please respond to all questions that apply to you as this may increase the number of scholarships that will be matched to you. There are some scholarships which have additional requirements such as art portfolios or auditions, but most Foundation scholarships will be awarded to students who complete this application.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your profile is complete. Scholarships are awarded from March-August with the majority awarded by May 1. Most scholarship committees meet in the spring to select recipients. You will only receive an e-mail if you are awarded a scholarship. To proceed to the application use the “Complete Your Profile” button below. You will need your KU e-mail and password for your KU account to log in.



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